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What are the costs for steel garden edging?

There are a wide range of factors that contribute to the overall costs, these include: Access / Travel / Location and the customising of the steel edging to suit your requirements, such as bending, shaping and curving of the steel, therefore we prefer to have a sketch of your requirements &/or an indication of the meterage of steel edging needed for your project so that we can provide you with an estimation of costs. Click here to contact us about your project.

Can you work with the steel garden edging that we have, or supply you with?

No, we supply the steel edging and customise it onsite, to suit your requirements.

Is the edging you do very flimsy or soft-structured?

No, our steel edging is mild steel of 100mm x 6mm, very firm and durable.

Will the steel edging rust?

Yes, over time (depending on the weather the steel is exposed to etc), it is natural for the steel to become rusted and take on that ‘rustic’ look.

Is the edging steel brand new, or second hand?

The steel edging we use is purchased brand new making it easier to handle and prepare weld, bend, etc. We don’t use any second hand steel or materials.

Does the steel get damaged by using a whipper snipper?

No, the steel would not get damaged at all.

Is the garden steel edging very durable?

Yes, it’s very durable, particularly when compared with other types of garden edging, such as timber, plastic, aluminium etc… We estimate that the steel edging will have a life span of at least 25 years. We don’t use any second hand steel or materials as they become rusted and take on that ‘rustic’ look.

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